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I am an Italian musician living in The Netherlands, making chill lo-fi tunes that you can enjoy when taking a break from this chaotic world.

Born and raised in a small town in northern Italy, I discovered my passion for music at the age of 14, playing Guitar Hero III. After just one month I bought my first electric guitar, that's when the magic began.

What got me what this power of making sounds with my own hands and the emotions that such sounds translated into. I quite soon started craving for more and more powerful sounds, so I quickly got into metal, started few bands and then also got in music production, for both electronic and analog music.

Music can be a magnificent way of expressing emotions, and I got caught on this idea that a simple vibration in the air can produce such a big spectrum of feelings.

I currently live in The Netherlands, where I settled for much softer and chillier sounds, which you can listen to on any streaming platform.

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